Postal 2.0

Postal 2.0

We handle millions of e-mails every month here at Krystal and one of the tools that helps us do that is Postal - our very own open source e-mail delivery platform.

Over the last couple of years, development on Postal had been rather stagnant as we have been focusing on other projects (including Katapult). As part of this, we let the number of issues and pull requests creep over 200, but many of these, however, were people just asking for help installing Postal rather than actually submitting legitimate bugs. We've managed to employ GitHub Discussions now to take some of the weight off Issues and have migrated all issues which resemble support requests over to the discussions area.

Over the last couple of weeks we've had a sprint with the goals of making it easier to run Postal, fix a few bugs and as well as adding a few new most requested features. I'm delighted to say, the week has been excellent and, personally, I enjoyed very much getting stuck in with revitalizing everything.

I've discussed more about everything we've done on this discussion but to summarize:

  • Only support running Postal in containers implemented a new build pipeline to have containers created automatically when we push and release new versions using Docker & GitHub Actions.
  • New documentation site powered by Nuxt Content and GitHub Pages.
  • A bunch of new features and improvements.
  • A handful of bugfixes

There's still a fair amount to look at though and we're hoping to focus some more time on the project over the next few months. One of the biggest additions will be a new API powered by our recently open sourced Apia framework.

Finally, I recorded a quick video to show how easy it is to get up and running with Postal. Check it out!