Apia: our API framework

Apia: our API framework

The main things we want from an our APIs are for them to be self documenting, easy to develop and easy for consumers to use. There are a variety of tools out there but none of them really satisified all our goals. So, we did what we often do, we made something new - say hello to Apia.

We've been using this for a little while internally but in anticipation of using it in Postal soon, we're opening sourcing the framework and all our associated tools.

If you want to have a look at how this works, check out the docs. We'll be working on these a bit to expand them further as time permits.

The biggest selling point we have for Apia is the self-generating documentation. Apia generates a JSON schema file which can then be turned into anything you like. We've made our own doc generator but if you wanted to do something different, it wouldn't be hard to achieve. Here's a screenshot of the docs that are generated by Apia.

The only other thing to mention at this stage is the hidden letters in our logo, can you spot them?

The Apia Logos